thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Okay, I am going to be boring some more, now

I have decided to make resolutions for the coming year, because I am lame and I can't ever get things done.

Resolution #1: Finish Sheppard's 11 by the end of the year. I am NOT ALLOWED to have any other fannish projects (after I write [info - personal] hannah her ficlet) with the one exception of Yuletide. No matter how much Kirk and Spock insist that I should write about how desperately, tragically angsty their love is. I AM GOING TO FUCKING FINISH THIS BULLSHIT I FUCKING SWEAR.

Resolution #2: Find a way to obtain The Beatles Rock Band. YEAH, SERIOUSLY. LIKE I NEED MORE ADDICTIONS IN MY LIFE.

Resolution #3: Comment more on things, because everyone likes feedback. Everyone. And I am a shitty person for reading their fic and then just closing the tab.

Resolution #: Be happier. Because feeling like shit all the time is just annoying.

On a completely unrelated note, how do you read acronyms in your head? Do you read out each letter? (Like "N" "S" "A") Do you read the original words? (WTF reads as Wha-tha-fu to me. Close enough.) Do you turn it into a new word? (Like radar or NASA)

I mean, I think we all contain mixtures of these methods, but I am curious if anyone does one thing or the other. Additionally, what are your favorite acronyms? Man, I will have to think HARD on this problem, but that will come later. Much later.

Also, I read GQMF as "GQ Motherfucker" and BAMF as the sound Kurt makes when he teleports. Trufax.
Tags: trufax
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