thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

So I have been noticeably absent on LJ recently, I think, and that's a combination of (a) homework work, (b) TA work, (c) housework work, (d) looking-for-work work, and (e) video games.

I gotta say, Okami is one of those games that hits my addiction buttons in video games, which is usually only achieved by games in the Zelda series. But seriously, you run around as a white wolf! And you make things grow! And you paint all over the screen! And then you kill things, of course, in incredibly cathartic ways.

Also, I kind of got sucked into reading Man from U.N.C.L.E. fic, mostly out of fannish osmosis and an enjoyment of spies! At some point I will probably have to see another episode, as the only one I have seen so far is the crossover one where Kirk and Spock show up to chill for a bit.

Have not been paying attention to the new seasons of House or Merlin, though that may change in the future. Who knows.

In other TV news, I have been using Boston Legal as background noise as I'm trying get work done, and S4 of Hustle is a real let down, because the dynamics don't work right without Mickey. *wants S5*

Oh man, corporate whoring week is back in town. Probably should get back to my randomized algorithms proofs so that I have time to do stuff later.
Tags: television, video games
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