thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Corporate Whoring Update

So here's the quick hit of numbers:

# of companies I've had first rounds with already: 3
# of companies I have first rounds with in the future: 2
# of companies I have second rounds with in the future: 2.5
# of companies I have second rounds with who have third round interviews: 2
# of on-site interviews in the future (as of right now): 0
# of companies I have yet to hear from about interviews at all: 3
# of companies who have told me to fuck off: 0 (<---- OMG!)

I have two interviews on Friday for the same company for different positions. I have a second round phone interview and a first round on-campus interview on Monday. I have a second round on-campus interview today.

So far so good, but it's been incredibly draining and stressful on top of classes and TA-ing. I think I just need to keep my shit together and survive this semester. Once that's over with, I should be okay. Possibly. Maybe.
Tags: omg i need a job
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