thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

yay daylight savings?

So! I did approx. 12 hours of baking/cooking yesterday for the annual Epic Halloween Party and also drank some delicious apple cider. Mmmm.


Anyway, I have been sort of wondering why fanboys are jizzing their pants over James Cameron's Avatar. Like, I understand enjoying pretty visuals! I understand why pretty visuals are an enticement!

But having watched the visuals once, I gotta say, they lose their shine pretty quickly, because the rest of the movie seems (a) bland and (b) soulless. M and I were chatting about this last night, but in this one trailer, we get: mighty whitey, weird ablism issues, blah blah blah military-industrial complex. It's so boringly cliche.

And, I mean, I can handle a solidly-built genre movie. I even like them from time to time. But those need to have some heart to them, a genuine passion for their genre. This movie has none of that.

Also, the visuals stop becoming impressive after a while, especially when everything else is subpar.


Speaking of gorgeous visuals, all you fans of point and click adventures should check out Machinarium, because it is lovely and quirky and rich with amazing detail, and the art is soooooooo pretty. I have been playing it a lot this weekend, and I have never even really enjoyed point and click games.

But yes, it does have a lot of personality and charm and awesome. Check out the demo, at the very least.
Tags: movies, video games
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