thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

So this is what I'm going to post about on a Saturday night

[info - personal] thedeadparrot: god, i am reading a story where Draco Malfoy is like a 1950's housewife and I AM ENJOYING IT UNIRONICALLY
[info - personal] zulu: Heeeeee
[info - personal] zulu: they can't all be Deep and Meaningful.
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: like, i mean, i'm only reading it because the author is fantastic
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: and mmmm, food descriptions
[info - personal] zulu: suuuuuure
[info - personal] zulu: okay, the food thing I might believe.
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: but! I DO KIND OF LOATHE DRACO MALFOY
[info - personal] zulu: hee. He seems like a whiner.
[info - personal] zulu: I'm sure the Dark Lord would've eaten him.
[info - personal] zulu: eventually
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: yeah
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: but here, he is mopey and bakes things
[info - personal] thedeadparrot: i can relate!

If anyone is curious, fic in question is [info - personal] helenish's Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property (warning for descriptions of abuse).
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