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so I'm kind of watching House again

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As you may know, I've been kind of broken up with House (the show) for a while, but after watching 6x1, we're kind of on our way to being friends again.

I did not know how long I was waiting for House to grow the fuck up until he started doing so, and it was amazing, you guys. Like, he's still House, still screwed up and unhappy, but he's willing to admit weakness! He's trying to repair his relationships with other people! He's like a bazillion times less self-destructive!

I don't know about you, but I could watch House attempt to heal himself 24 hours a day. And chill with Wilson and Cuddy. And snark at Foreman. The thing is that, to me, this new House, is 10,000x better than the old one. Maybe I wouldn't have enjoyed him we'd met him first, but I think we've seen him fight for this, seen him claw his way out up from the bottom. I think this is what I'd have liked to see post-Tritter, House owning up to his failures and the consequences of his actions. And then trying to get better and maybe not always succeeding, but that trying has never really been there before.

It's certainly a lighter show now, but the appeal of the show to me has never been its grit but its characters and how they all fit together. I think this has got to be the most interesting character arc they've given House ever. There's a fearlessness in the way they're letting House change, and I get a tiny burst of glee whenever I see him do something that would have been OOC one or two seasons back.

I'm not sure they've got the most coherently planned arc here, and I fully expect it to be unevenly paced. But I don't care. This is enough to make me happy. I almost peed my pants at the end of Brave Heart, just that moment of finally reaching out, and I will probably throw things if they ever hit the reset button.

Oh, and Chase's arc of extreme emo manpain sucks. Will someone please retcon that out of existence, please?
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