thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Yule Goat Letter

Dear Yule Goat,

I hope you do not hate me forever and ever for my requests! My preferences are pretty flexible. If you write me something in these fandoms with these characters, I will be happy.

General likes/dislikes: I like: joy in small pleasures; things that can be left unsaid; baking; quiet, understated friendships; palatable absences; clever dialogue; crack; magical realism; identity issues; competence; cursing; affectionate insults; near-incomprehensible, domain-specific slang; sunlight in the mornings; rainy afternoons; bittersweet moments; hard-won happiness; good advice.

I dislike: really intense hurt/comfort; easily solved miscommunication problems; soul bonds; first-person POV; being unable to live on after your significant other has died; obsessions with virginity; character bashing.

Anyway, I am sure I will love you for whatever you write in these fandoms, and I hope you get great joy out of writing them as well!

Hustle - I love Mickey and Albert and the warmth of their relationship. I love backstory a lot (as you can probably tell already), and I'd love to see them in their early days, when Mickey's still a n00b (a talented n00b, but a n00b nonetheless) and in the process of learning how to be the best damn conman in the world. And for Albert to be as calm and as wise as he usually is. (Also, if you have a burning desire to turn this into a Man from UNCLE crossover, go for it.)

Slumdog Millionaire - I kind of have a weird love-hate relationship with this movie for a lot of reasons, and one big one is the way Latika doesn't really get her own story. She ends up being this sort of vaguely unreachable ideal for Jamal to obtain, and I'd really just like for her to get something that tells her story. It can be happy post-movie fic or during-movie angst or pre-movie backstory and I won't mind at all. Just give me something where she is fleshed out as a character in her own right, and I will be thrilled.

Harold and Kumar movies- I love the kind of screwed up mostly-love-with-a-little-hate relationship that Harold and Kumar have with one another. I also love ridiculous crack. So if you combine these few things, I will love you forever. As I mentioned, the slash is optional, but I'd love it if you managed to work that in.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - I adore this movie, and I really adore the restraint of the relationship between Li Mu Bai and Shu Lien. They have all this history together, and all this love underneath the surface, and I'd love for a story that explores some of that relationship. It can be happy or angsty or anything in between. I'd just like to have more of them.

Anyway, I hope this helps! If you want to get a sense of the fic I write, you can look up what I've recently written on parrotfic.

Tags: yuletide
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