thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Adventures in podficcing

I have been trying my hand at this whole 'podfic' thing, and while I'm enjoying reading my fic out loud, I kind of loathe listening to myself read things out loud.

Also, I have a tendency to skip words when I am reading in my head, which makes reading things out loud kind of difficult, because then a lot of the effort I put into podficcing is trying to screw up reading the words I've written rather than trying to convey the meaning of those words. And then you still get weird pauses where you can tell that I'm determinedly trying not to trip over the next word.

Plus, I am no good at doing voices, like even capturing the rhythms of the way they speak. Or enunciating. I suck at enunciating. The 's' sound goes everywhere when I say it. And since I am sort of listing all my many and varied faults as a reader, let's mention that I tend to mumble when I talk IRL and so my words start slurring, see: enunciation.

The gist of this is that I will probably record podfic for myself, just for fun, and don't be surprised if I never manage to get the balls to post any of it.

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Tags: podfic
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