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a grab bag of things

I am going to be doing [community profile] kink_bingo this year, and it is nerve-wracking and exciting, and I have plot bunnies (vague and otherwise) for four out of five of one column. :)

My card will be coming up. I want to give it its own post so that it can keep track of my progress.


Remix reveal was like four days ago, but I yay, I wrote The Prurient Pollen Pollutant Proposition (The Classic Mirrorverse AU) a mirroverse!Middleman fic.

And [personal profile] zulu remixed my fic. Not an entire surprise, but it was kind of hilarious since I remixed her a few years back.


I have a place in the Bostonish region! One bedroom by myself, but it is exciting to have a place that I could stay in for more than a year. I hate moving. Haaaaaaaate moving. I will definitely try to meet up with Bostonish fanpeople after I settle in. :)


I will also be out of the country for four weeks starting Sunday. Eep. Exciting and intimidating.

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