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fic: The Stories On Our Skin (Hustle/NCIS, Albert/Ducky)

Title: The Stories On Our Skin
Fandom: Hustle/NCIS
Pairing: Albert/Ducky
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~1200
Summary: Ducky visits an old friend while in London.
Notes: Written for Porn Battle X and the prompt 'Hustle/NCIS, Albert Stroller/Ducky, written'.

at the battle | on AO3

ANYWAY, I am currently freaking out slightly about moving and like, turning into a real adult with responsibilities and shit.

Oh, and like the rest of the world, I saw Inception, and it was very much my type of movie. I love the way Nolan does surrealism, which always feels very grounded in reality and yet has that bit of magic to it. There's a fandom sprouting up already, but I'm mostly interested in the crossover/fusion potential in this movie. (The NCIS team as badass extractors? Morpheus -- Sandman version -- visiting Ariadne as she's building? OMGYES)

Also, I feel like I've been a little anti-social when it comes to my flist/dwircle lately. So. Um. Hi, everyone! What's up?

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Tags: fic, fic: hustle, fic: ncis, movies
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