thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

-I am addicted to Echo Bazaar, and it is sad, because I have no twitter friends who are playing, which clearly means that I have no friends. *sadface* It's kind of hard to describe as a game, but I would suggest giving it a shot. And then friending me on twitter. The Border House blog has written a review, and I am impressed by how open the world is.

- Not touching the Fiction Alley thing with a ten foot pole.

- Feeling kind of blah about writing. Work is stressful. I have a draft that I need to tear apart and put back together again. Sherlock fandom is doing its level best to make me not want to be anywhere near it. Etc.

- Elections are always a clusterfuck, but at least I got to vote in my uncontested congressional district.

- I am not going to sign up for any holiday gift exchanges besides yuletide. This is a promise that I must make to myself so that I will end up writing a bazillion yuletide treats in tiny fandoms that I love.

- Burritos are delicious.

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Tags: randomness
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