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Dear Yulegoat letter

My dearest Yulegoat,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope you're not crying to yourself over my particular requests!

- Harold and Kumar -
I would love some Harold/Kumar slash, since I love the affection and antagonism in their relationship. If not, I would go for some ridiculous, cracked out adventuring. And if you want to add slash to those cracked out adventures, I would not object.

So I kind of love how much Harold and Kumar are total stoners and so representative and undercutting of the model minority stereotypes. They may test better than most, but they are also just two dudes who like to get high and get laid.

Anyway, I would love if you managed to write slash for them of any stripe (and I'm not against the idea of Vanessa or Maria OT3/OT4ing things up), but I'd especially love it if there were misadventures involved as well.

- Hawaii 5-0 -

I kind of desperately want a story that explains Max Bergman's name.

You could go in a whole bunch of different directions with it and make me happy. You could go the crack route (maybe he was raised by dolphins! or maybe he's a god who hasn't visited Earth for a while and doesn't understand naming conventions!). Or you could go the more serious route and talk about transracial adoption or mixed heritages.

Really, it's up to you, dear writer! Have fun with it!

So, yeah. I just want fic about Max's name. It doesn't have to be tragic or angsty if you're going the more serious route. It doesn't have to be this big source of angst for him. Just explore Max and his name and his construction of his identity (whether it's cracked out or not) and it will make me happy.

- The Middleman -

I'm really flexible about this request, since I'm always thrilled by Middleman fic of any sort.

I would love some fic about Wendy's first case as the Middleman and what it's like to fly solo for the first time. What happened to the previous Middleman is up to you. He could die tragically or he could retire peacefully. It's up to you! But mostly I want Wendy out there, figuring out how to land on her two feet and how to do her own thing, kicking ass, like always.

I love Wendy lots, and I don't have anything against the current Middleman at all! But I have a weakness for futurefic, and I would love to see an even older and wiser Wendy, grown into her badassery and her snark, ready to take on the evils of the world. Anyone else you could bring in would be lovely, but not required! I love all the characters so very much, and anyone else you can fit in would be cherished. :)

Anyway, anything you could write with these characters would make me really happy! These guidelines are just there for your benefit if you should choose to use them.

Happy yuletiding!

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