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1. So! Oryx and Crake is a book about the apocalypse. Kind of.

- My biggest beef with this book was with the world-building, or rather, the way Atwood seems really determined to freak you out, regardless of whether or not it's genuinely plausible or not. For example, the wolvogs, since wolves don't really attack humans all that much, and it seems like there was some shoddy research going on here all over the place. There's this big scare-tactic of taking the world to the extremes in order to scare us about what? About how horrible humanity is? I don't know. There are some parts of it that I found genuinely insightful into human nature, and a lot of it ridiculously over the top. I'm fond of stories that try to approach the good and the bad, but Atwood just wants to go for the unrelentingly dismal.

- I liked Crake a lot more than Jimmy, the narrator, but I'm kind of glad we never spend time in his POV, because I'm sure he's incredibly insufferable in his own head. I also really like the way Atwood wrote Crake from Jimmy's POV. Knowing what we know, we can see it all coming, and it's almost sort of beautiful when we finally get there.

- Oryx frustrates me as a character. I don't know what her function is or who she is beyond Jimmy's POV. Crake, at least, comes through clearly despite the unreliable narrator. Oryx just seems like a blank slate, one on which Atwood can project issues onto in an incredibly creepy way.

I'm still in the process of processing the book, which I guess makes it deep or important or whatever. Atwood's a good writer, no doubt about that, but I'm still kind of ambivalent about a lot of this.

2. In other news, I'm digging Rebecca Traister's Big Girls Don't Cry, which is a great look at the narratives around gender during the 2008 US presidential elections. It's unashamedly biased and coming from a particular (white, middle class, female) POV, but she handles issues of intersectionality with a delicate hand and acknowledges a lot of similar and competing narratives of race. I recognized a lot of what was said in it, in my own reactions during the elections and what I saw in a lot of the other reactions around me. It's worth a look if you're interested in the topic, at least.

3. I also got a new car battery. Hopefully this means that it will love me more and not die on me at inconvenient times! Maybe my car just needs more hugs.

4. Ahahahaha. Oh god, I should start working on Yuletide.

5. I decided to watch an episode of Supernatural, just because I could, last Friday. On one hand, it was good, because we got some Mark Sheppard and Mitch Pileggi guest star action going on, but um, is it usually that rapey? And obsessed with masculinity? Because that was pretty creepy and fucked up. I also fail to find either Dean or Sam all that attractive, but maybe that's because of the above issues. I was amused by Castiel watching porn, though.

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