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My School In Pictures

Hello. I had a little too much fun with a digital camera this week. What did I take pictures of? My school. My surprisingly decent school. Which I actually enjoy ( to a degree). In order to share the love ( and the pictures) I present

This is Arlington High School, just in case any of you have trouble reading it. This is the main entrance and as you can see from the cheerleader in the bottom right corner, our school colors are maroon in gold.

This is the back of school, after a fire drill. I though it was amusing to bring a camera with me.

Emerson Fang, a "smart sophmore" formerly one of the "smart freshman", talking to Jen Lin, a former CTYer and all around genius. This was taken in math when we were thinking of making our own Magic cards and we wanted to make "Student" a creature type. I didn't really include pictures of people, but I just decided to include that one.

Gym teachers get no respect. Note the maroon and gold banners in the background.

My AP Physics class. Emerson once again shows up talking to the teacher. I like the hand move.

A hallway on the second floor in the new part. I love the windows.

A hallway on the old side of the building, just for contrast.

My orchestra. The guy with the gray beard is Mr. Robinowitz, our teacher.Much fatter in real life.

Emmy in one of his more amusing moments.

AP US History. It was Mr. Nieman's birthday the day before and that's why he has balloons. It says "Over the Hill".

Look at the first picture. See the windows under the Arlington High School sign? That's where I took this picture.

That's all. The back of a school bus as we're going home.

I can't believe I actually did that.
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