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I am ridiculously happy about this fact, though now I'm beginning to feel the paralyzing self-doubt that comes with any such creative endeavor. What if no one else likes it? What if everyone hates the thing I did at the end and therefore writes it off as a complete failure? What if everyone thinks it needs more funny hats and/or robots? What then?

Um, this might be a long-winded request for a vid beta. I'm not sure yet. Please inquire within if you're interested.

Anyway, one thing that I find particularly amusing about vidding as compared to writing is how much you need to like your own vidding. At least for the way I vid. There's just so much rewatching and rewatching and rewatching you do in order to get a feel for how everything is fitting together and where you want to go next. With writing, it's almost a better idea not to reread and to just charge ahead. Any moment of indecision tends to kill my writing process right off.

I am also tempted to try to write a sort of How-To for doing basic stuff like ripping and clipping on Linux, since that tends to be straightforward and not the clusterfuck that deals with editors. I'm fairly tech-savvy myself, and figuring out these things myself were non-trivial to me (especially figuring out how to clip to lossless formats!) so I think this might be worth putting together for a n00b Linux vidder. Any interest from any of you guys?

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