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Vid: What the Water Gave Me (TSN, merman!AU - I regret nothing)

Title: What the Water Gave Me
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Length: 2:01
Summary: Oh, my love, don't forsake me. / Take what the water gave me.
Music: Florence + the Machine - "What the Water Gave Me"
Footage: The Social Network, Oceans, Never Let Me Go, Boy A, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Fellowship of the Ring
Notes: This vid is based on fuzzy_paint's merman!Eduardo fic the other side (is always greener). I really do recommend reading it first. though I guess you could watch it as a vid with some very strange ocean metaphors.

Also, it would not exist without [personal profile] merisunshine36, who is one of the most persistent enablers ever.

XVid download (31MB) (mirror)
Subtitles file
Vimeo (larger than below) | Youtube

password: thewater

What the Water Gave Me from thedeadparrot on Vimeo.


Time it took us
To wear the waterways
That’s what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don’t forsake me
Take what the water gave me

Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow
Pockets full of stones

Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow

Would you have it any other way?
You couldn't have it any other way
‘Cause she’s a crueler mistress
And the bargain must be made
But oh, my love, don’t forget me
When I let the water take me

Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the over flow
Pockets full of stones

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