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Scandal in Belgravia and Game of Shadows

Oh god. I am coming to realization that the only reason I was in Sherlock (BBC) fandom is because I found the source frustrating and obnoxious and I wanted to find something that would fix some of the problems for me. This ep reminded me why.

I kind of hated 95% of Scandal in Belgravia. The music was nice and so was the direction. The acting was decent. There were entire scenes where I didn't hate it. Almost none of them actually contained Sherlock.

On the other hand, Game of Shadows was pretty much exactly what I was expecting, and maybe a little better than what I'd feared. It's sort of smart-stupid in that overly complicated plotting sort of way. Stephen Fry was great! Mary was also great! I was worried that they would disappear her too quickly, but they gave her more to do this movie.

The less we talk about what happened to Irene Adler in that movie, the better. Bleh. That was gross.

Over on the BBC Sherlock side of things, Jesus fuck, Irene. I feel like there was a shape of a character that wouldn't piss me off. But it's like they took all the really stupid, offensive parts of Irene in the Sherlock Holmes movie and revamped her for the modern day. She is in cahoots with Moriarty! She manipulates Sherlock with sex (because heaven forbid that she actually just outsmart him and be on her merry way. no, she has to threaten him sexually too!) Just to make it more offensive, she's a lesbian with ~feelings~ for Sherlock! Because Sherlock is so awesome he turns lesbians! They could have just made her bi or whatever, but no, she's an actual lesbian.

I was actually going to list all the ways the this episode made me rage-face, but fuck that. I have better things to do with my time.

I am also at the point where I get this weird glazed-eye rage thing when people tell me how much more faithful an adaptation the Sherlock BBC series is. It's not. It's just as far from the original books as the movies are, just in different tangents. Sherlock BBC is all about masturbatory fanboy Marty Stu fanfic, and the Sherlock Holmes movies are about masturbatory fanboys who think Sherlock is too full of himself and the stories could use more explosions.

I'd rather have the explosions and the puncturing of Sherlock's douchery than the celebration of the fact that Sherlock Holmes is a horrible human being. I'm sorry. Even House was a lot better at calling its troubled genius asshole out for being an asshole. This show makes vague attempts, but usually ends up validating him by the end of the episode anyway.

Seriously, fuck that.

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