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the end of an era

I have such lovely feedback! I will respond to it all soon, but I wanted to get a bunch of thoughts out right now while they're still fresh.

There was a series finale on tonight and such, and I figured I'd spill a bunch of thoughts.

To be honest, I didn't like this episode that much. It meandered. It didn't make sense. It was half fanservice. Overall, it just wasn't all that good. It had to cram too much into too little time.

But it was still a series finale, and I love endings. There's something special that an ending conveys that you don't get anywhere else in the story. An invitation to go on? A sense of finality? A final puzzle for you to work out? With TV shows, especially, it feels like the creators have opened up an entirely new playground that fans can play in. What happens after the credits roll?

On a more specific note, I was annoyed at the fakeout. I thought it was going to be a fakeout, but it was still annoying (?) disappointing (?) when it was revealed. Whatever. I didn't really expect any better. This show has never been good about holding House to the consequences of his actions, even though they made an attempt at that tonight. Yeah, he's legally dead and he doesn't have anything to do after Wilson's dead, but he never cared about the hospital or the patients much anyway, so it doesn't feel like much of a loss.

I did enjoy the use of all the returning actors! It gave them a chance to open up some old dynamics and old chemistries, though I don't think they used that effectively at all. Sure, it was fun to see House bouncing off them, but I don't think I ever felt like House was learning anything. I felt like I'd been to this exact dog-and-pony show before, and it wasn't any more convincing this time.

The POTW was so flimsy I was almost sad that they wasted time on him.

I'm trying to formulate my feelings about the ending. I don't think it's a dishonest ending. It just felt very fanbaity and weird. Still, there are things I really loved about it. I've always enjoyed Robert Sean Leonard, and that expression he was wearing at the end there, that mixture of trepidation and wary hope, was really, really perfect. I think it might be the most honest and vulnerable that I've ever seen Wilson be.

It's sort of interesting to go back to this show, and to see how little it has changed since I last watched it. (I don't even remember when that was. Season 4? Season 5? Maybe even season 6?) House still does exactly what House does, right down to stealing Wilson's fries. The patients are still the same ciphers they always were. The way House deals with them is the same. The random people show up in House's hallucinations to give him the same lectures.

And it's very strange to me, because I have changed. As a writer, as a fangirl, as a person. Maybe not a whole lot. Maybe I've even changed for the worse. But I can definitely feel that distance when I watch the show. Not quite nostalgia, but a remnant of a part of me that isn't quite me anymore.

Anyway. That was the end of House M.D. We had some good times together, but I'm not sad to see that it's gone. Rest in peace, show.

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