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Musical Elitism

I was discussing music with thegovtsphone, and we stumbled upon musical elitism and what that's all about. I may or may not hit a few things that people reading my lj do. This stuff is from the way I see my own elitism issues and is not directed to anybody elses actions.

I have a musical elitist streak. It is a problem that I have been trying to combat for a while now. The thing is about elitists is that they feel that their love for a certain band reflects themselves as people. So if one day you see someone you really hate wearing the T-shirt of your favoritest band in the whole-wide world, your love of that band drops at least a few degrees. Trust me, it's true. As well as that, you try to protect your favoritest band in the whole wide world from the psychos. It doesn't matter that the cool person that you absolutely adore loves the band as well, it's all about the psychos.

Also, you feel the need at the same time to make sure that all your friends and loved ones are "enlightened" to the glorious discovery of one band. Dude, unless they express interest in the same kind of music, they probably don't care that that indie band has a single out.

Oh yeah, and the whole, so and so think that band sucks, so they must, is just more of the self worth. I need to have the music tell me how great I am for hating NSYNC. Also goes with the self-worth thing.

You're probably thinking, if you're so great, why are you claiming to be elitist? Well, I still do this stuff, but I am trying to stop.

Steps I have been taking to remove my elitest views

Things I have fixed:
1. I do not get angry when someone tells me they "don't like" or "hate" my favorite band. OK, you think U2 should be pushed off the face of this earth. I am really going to try to restrain my feelings toward Avril Lavigne.
2. I have stopped caring who performs/writes a particular song. If the Beyonce song gets stuck in my head, I will hum along and not feel guilty.

Thing I have not:
1. Forcing people to listen to the stuff I like. I played "I Am the Walrus" to one of my anti-Beatles friends. It didn't work.
2. Telling people that I hate their favorite artist/performer. OK, Diana, I'm sorry about all the "Clay Aken sucks" comments I made last year, OK?

Just to round this all off I'd like to say that it's been fun and that I will overcome this serious problem, and that I'm using this U2 icon because they kicks ass. ;)
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