thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Odds and ends

I just got home from a conference recently, and it was really nice to see that Boston has plenty of aging hippies and dirty hipsters to go around. Apparently, freeing Tibet is still a thing.

I also now have too many apples in my fridge. Whoops. I should probably start eating them at a rate that exceeds how quickly I have been buying them.

I ended up buying some pricey (but not that pricey) headphones, because I like to pretend that I'm an audiophile, when really, I just like obsessing over reviews for products. I also got to make use of a couple of socks that had huge gaping holes in them so that now I don't have to have pleather pressed up against my ears all the time every day.

The Humble eBook Bundle is now out with a bunch of new books. It is all SF/F and also, has a slight bias towards white dudes (Scalzi, Doctorow, Gaiman) but there are also some (white) ladies in the mix like Mercedes Lackey. I grabbed the set because some of the books sounded interesting, and I don't let myself waste my money on physical books anymore. Plus, if it means I get more Linux ports of my indie games, I will keep throwing money at them.

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