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Dear Yuletide author post

Hi yuletide author!

Thanks so much for doing this. I really hope you have fun writing for my request(s) and that you don't find it too stressful to write for me.


One thing that is brilliant about the Portal series is the way it manages to be both super funny and super dark at the same time. I just really love how they use the humor to mask the really unsettling undertone of the series. I decided to request this fandom less because I had a specific idea of what I wanted to see from Portal fic, but because I really wanted to see what someone could write for Portal fanfic. Seriously, go wild with whatever you come up with. I look forward to reading it!

The Mindy Project

I generally enjoy this show so far. I like the characters, and I like the actors. I feel like I'd love to learn more about Mindy on a deeper level. The show so far has mostly focused on how she relates to the men in her life, and I'd like to see more about how Mindy relates to herself. How does she see herself? How did she end up being friend with Gwen? I'm sure the show will start doing more with this as it goes on, but I'd love to see your take on things. Also, if you want to write something shippy on top of this, I'd be happy to read it.

Good Will Hunting

I am a sucker for futurefic, and the world has changed a lot since 1997. I'd love to see how Chuckie and Will cope with those changes. How does Will deal with being a professional adult? Does Chuckie end up stuck in Southie? Do they still keep in touch? I really don't have a strong preference between gen and slash here, so feel free to write either.

General things
I enjoy: office shenanigans, bittersweet endings, meaningful silences, bad jokes, affectionate insults, difficult relationships, people who are bad at feelings, post-apocalyptic fiction, mocking corporate misery and politics

I dislike: melodrama, miscommunication/lying as a plot device, love triangles, infidelity

I hope this helps, author! I really look forward to reading whatever you happen to come up with. :)


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