thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

'tis the season to freak out about yuletide

I have started Yuletide fic! This has been great for feeling out the character voices, but I have no plot yet! I kind of want to do something ambitious with it, but ambitious things take work and effort! There are a lot of nuances that the source does well that I want to do even better, and I want to do a lot of worldbuilding that the source doesn't touch on at all, and it is all so difficult. But also fun! Writing is so soothing, and I do enjoy throwing myself head-first into Yuletide. It was good for me to skip last year so that I could come back to it with my full enthusiasm. I feel like some of the stuff I wrote even two years ago weren't up to my usual Yuletide efforts. So! It is good that I do have ambitions for this story. Even if it does go horribly.

Still interviewing at places! The one place I really like hasn't rejected me yet, and I am crossing my fingers that this one interview this week is, in fact, the last one I need to go through. And that it goes well, etc.

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Tags: yuletide
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