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Minor Star Trek: Into Darkness thoughts

- I did not get any fannish feelings from this movie. Maybe a little. I kind of want to rewatch Wrath of Khan, so, good job? I did go back and rewatch my Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock vid. That was fun.

- I think one thing that really struck me about this movie was that original Trek was very much animated by the Cold War, the idea of another group of people who were Different and thought Different and believed Different from you and how do you meet them and work with them and reach a peaceful conclusion with them. This movie is animated by the War on Terror, where you are not safe anywhere, and your governments and institutions can't protect you, in fact, they may be what you need to be protected from.

- I've read a few reviews and talked to a few people who agree with me (because I AM RIGHT, DAMMIT), and yes, the mimic of the Wrath of Khan death scene was such a useless, pale echo of the original that I don't even know why they bothered. It felt unearned and stupid. I was actively groaning at how cheap it was, not to mention that silly KHAAAAAAAN moment afterwards.

- Benedict Cumberbatch was good in his role, but I am still grossed out both by the whitewashing and the complete waste of the character, who never felt like he ever quite rose to the level of being the shadow-Kirk that he was being set up as.

- I was viscerally glad when the first 30 minutes or so of the movie was about people telling Kirk how incompetent he was, and then at the end he still gets everything back anyway because he's Learned His Lesson or something. I love it when movies remind us why white guys deserve to just get things handed to them because of their potential instead of earning them through hard work and dedication. That's always great.

- John Cho, I love you. Stay on my screens forever.

- Speaking of wastes, Leonard Nimoy should have been called in to drop obscure trolly wisdom bombs on the n00bs instead of being like 'oh yeah, that dude. Don't trust him, k?'

- This felt like half a Star Trek movie and half not, like it wanted to be a gonzo summer action blockbuster that you shouldn't think about too hard and then every once in a while it remembered that it needed to talk about how great humanity is and how we should strive towards peace and personal betterment. Or something.

Thing that is not Star Trek:
- writing! crossed the 10k word mark. My outline is getting refined to the point where I think I know what the rest of the fic is going to look like. Mostly. I think I've gotten about 3/5 of it written right now? Possibly more. There still needs to be a lot of fleshing out and cleaning up, even once I get the first draft done. And code! I have some more code to write.

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