thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

yet another post about video games

The Humble Indie Bundle 8 is out. It's a pretty good variety of games. I have been especially enjoying Thomas Was Alone and Little Inferno. I've also poked at Awesomenauts, Proteus, and Hotline Miami. I could probably write a dissertation on why I won't ever be able to play Hotline Miami, starting with my lack of hand-eye coordination and ending with the scarily good representation of violence that I just don't have the stomach for.

I am probably going to kick in some money for the next Double Fine Kickstarter, because I am a sucker for those documentaries, and this gameplay actually sounds more my speed than the adventure game.

Boring writing stuff: First draft, yay! Story is at about 20k right now, though I'm not sure how much of that is code and how much of that is actual words to read. I am taking a break to recharge and to find my editor brain somewhere. Right now, I'm in 'everything about this is awful!' mode, and that's not the best state of mind to be in when I want to genuinely tackle the issues and fix them. This does mean that it's a good time to work on code, which I started to neglect at the end in favor of charging through and getting the writing parts done.

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