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1. I am writing about autumn feelings, because apparently I haven't done this enough already. I need an actual arc or conflict or something, but I will probably waffle around in cheerful feelings, and it will be gross and twee instead until I get bored with it. I'm feeling like an asshole lately, so I kind of want to write something where everyone ends up miserable and unhappy and alone at the end.

2. I have decided to replay Costume Quest because it felt thematically appropriate to the time of year. It's a little repetitive and simplistic, but I enjoy its charms. I am also making my way through my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. Something about the high fantasy setting bores me to tears, even though I do enjoy the worldbuilding that Bioware has put into it. It is fine for now, but I suspect that I will not make it all the way through.

3. I enjoyed Film Crit Hulk's very thorough analysis of the storytelling failures of Man of Steel. I will one day watch this movie so that I can hate it personally, but I am glad for all the thoughtful, annoyed criticism this movie has produced. (Warning: the essay is long, and it is written in hulk speak.)

4. I am the worst Bostonian, because I didn't even realize the Red Sox were in the World Series until this past Wednesday. Whoops.

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