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In Search of the Ur-Fic

So one idea that's popped up into my head recently (and I'm willing to accept that it's an awful thesis that is WRONG and full of truck-sized holes), is that each OTP in fandom of a certain size tends to have its own Ur-Fic. This is a slight misnomer, as it doesn't have to be the original fic in that OTP or that fandom, but it is that general plot and attitude of a fic that all fic in that fandom tends to be based on. This even crosses over into AU stories, and I think, fundamentally, AU stories are about unearthing these Ur-Fics so that we can tell them to ourselves with the window dressing changed.

Examples of ones that I have thought of:

Mark/Eduardo (The Social Network) - Mark and Eduardo have to learn to love each other again!
John/Rodney (SGA) - John and Rodney have adventures (and occasionally wacky misadventures)! And are forced to admit their feelings in awkward circumstances!
Kurt/Blaine (Glee) - Kurt and Blaine are totes soulmates. Watch them figure this out together!
Charles/Erik (XMFC variety) - Erik is a brute, and Charles is the gentle soul that must soothe the savage beast!

I think there are several fandoms where I have thought the idea of a pairing as intriguing, but the Ur-Fic in that pairing was just really off-putting to me. And there are a few pairings where my own conception of the pairing ran counter to what the Ur-Fic said it was.

So, do these examples hold up to you? Do you have examples from other OTPs? Am I overgeneralizing to the point of offensiveness? Let me know!

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Tags: fandom, meta
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