thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I still love Broken Age

Apparently, enough to play through this game 3 times.

Also, Steam Trading Cards are the worst. THE WORST.

The cut text is a lie, but I have finished everything in MVP, namely the second half of the framing story and the proper exit behavior and the README and credits for my code.

I still need so much editing on everything, but the core of most things is in there. I could get people to beta test it if I wanted to! I could declare myself too exhausted and tired to continue and just polish what I do have!

Even then, I think I am going to focus on generating more content from here on out. I am more than halfway to my target goal, but that just means that I still have the other half to finish up. The code is pretty much done at this point, barring any bugs I may find and performance improvements I can make, so I can focus on just getting the content where it needs to be.

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Tags: double fine
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