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AP classes

These freaking classes are killing me. I'm after valedictorian (Yes, I'm disgustingly ambitious) and I can't help but freak out over my current lack of 90's in my APs. I have a feeling that if I tried to do this say next, when appropriat, I'd do much better than I am right now, but still. I don't think going backward is the right idea. I just don't have the energy or anything to do this coursework. My test grades are falling. I really feel miserable. If it wasn't school (i.e. CTY) I waouldn't feel that bad, because I enjoy the challenge, but it is and it counts as a lot for college. And I have minor breakdowns about how I'm never going to get into MIT. I really hate being miserable right now, because I know I can do better, but I'm being split 5 ways and that really decreases the quality of my work and... gah.

I ramble too much.
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