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I have two projects in various states of incompleteness, but I can't seem to bring myself to actually work on either of them right now.

X-Men fic project: I got some good if difficult-to-hear feedback on this recently, and now I am waffling about what to do about it. Meh. There are a few ways of tackling it, and all of them are difficult and involve a lot of thinking and work, so I have been sitting around waffling instead of working on it. It might just end up with me saying 'fuck it' and deciding not to do anything. (Sorry, [personal profile] merisunshine36!)

AI fic: I have a first draft, but it is terrible. It needs so much work. I tried doing a simple clean-up editing pass on it, and I kept getting distracted by things that were less terrible than it. Like cleaning out my sink. And grinding levels in Pokemon.

So I feel kind of stuck lately with this stuff, and I don't know if/when I'll have the motivation to actually un-stick myself. I have a couple of train rides to work on things this weekend. Maybe they'll be productive. Or maybe I'll just let this stuff go and move onto something else.

Decisions are hard. Let's go shopping.

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