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Captain America thoughts and feelings

I saw the Captain America 2 today with a bunch of fangirls. It was pretty great and extremely fun.

I have lots of thoughts because this is what I do.

- I went into this movie only hoping for some sad Steve/Bucky feelings, and I was rewarded. There was some worry that the movie wouldn't deliver on that front, but it hit the right beats.

- There was surprisingly little conflict over the Winter Soldier for a movie titled The Winter Soldier, but I guess We Will Now Talk To You About Spy States And Totalitarianism wasn't as catchy. I don't mind too much, since I admire the fact that it had bigger fish to fry, but I was hoping for a little more drama around that. I'm a greedy fangirl, what can I say.

- I loved so many of the character beats. The movie isn't afraid to let those moments really move at their own pace. Sam and Steve at the VA. Steve and Natasha in the car. Peggy and Steve at the hospital (;_;) It's not in a rush to move to the next fight scene, and it works all the better for it.

- Speaking of fight scenes, I love watching hand to hand combat over pretty much all other forms of combat, so I was super pleased here.

- The backstory they gave Pierce and Fury was so great. Such pitch-perfect characterization that comes back in at just the right times.

- Falcon better be in the next Avengers movie, and he better get to hang out with Rhodey and not talk about white people. I'm just saying.

- Kind of on a related note, I am super glad that awesome deserving actors like Anthony Mackie and Michael B. Jordan have been cast as superheroes, but I'm just sad that black dudes are pretty much the token diversity we get? From what I'm getting from the movie Marvelverse, white people (dudes and ladies) and black men get to be heroes and everyone else sits on the sidelines. I know it's blowing the execs' little minds that they can actually have like, women who are people of color too? That there are other people of color who aren't black? It's weird, I know. What a crazy world we live in.

- Okay, to tackle the big fish here, the major theme of the movie was pretty decent, but I'm kind of torn on it. Sure, maybe it's too much to expect a lot from a corporate blockbuster, but hear me out here. I like the idea of deconstructing the idea of SHIELD, the nanny state at its finest, but I also feel like we've been indulging in the idea of SHIELD for god-knows how many movies and a TV show at this point, and it feels a little half-hearted. I mean, the seeds were planted a long time ago, sure. But so much of it feels like a cake-and-eat-it-too sort of thing, where it's like, look at how shiny our weapons and technology are and how great it is that we're so powerful and can do everything! Also, everything we do is bad, so you shouldn't think it's cool and awesome. >:( Meh. I don't expect more. It just annoys me.

- Fic plz? I just want all the fic about everyone in the aftermath of this movie. Yis.

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