thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I didn't grow up with seasonal allergies, and I think I now have seasonal allergies. These are the fucking worst. I have felt miserable and short of breath all day, due to a sore throat. Bleh. It's making it hard for me to do anything besides think about how terrible I feel. Drinking tea with honey does help, but blerg. I want to be able to breathe! Breathing is nice.

I'm also playing Hitman: Absolution against my better judgment. I'm terrible at stealth games. Also, it is generally gross about women. The game starts out with you shooting your former handler while she's in the shower (why a shower? who knows!), and from what I hear, it just gets worse from there (three words: fetishized nun assassins). Ahahaha. I hope I quit before I get to that part.

Slowly trying out Adventure Time on Netflix. I know so many people with such strong feelings about it that I want to give it a fair shake. Plus, each episode is so short that it's easy to consume them quickly. I don't feel like I'm keyed into the world of the show yet, but hopefully I'll get there eventually.

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