thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

A somewhat ambitious list of things I would like to accomplish this weekend

  1. Clean my apartment, because it is pretty gross at this point

  2. Make an editing pass on this one story, because it is sitting around judging me

  3. Make progress on the first draft of this other story, because it also sitting around, judging me

  4. Watch To the Wonder, because I am feeling in the mood for some Malick

  5. Finish playing Act III of Kentucky Route Zero, because it still remains an unusual and lovely thing in video games

  6. Poke around Inform 7 now that it has had a major update, because it seems like a tool I would like to use, even if specifying a game in natural language is a terrible idea

  7. Visit Dumpling House, because I have heard good recommendations

  8. Finish reading The New Frontier, because I borrowed it from a coworker and would like to give it back

  9. Meh

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