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I haven't posted much here because of busy-ness -- work-busy-ness and life-busy-ness (omg, who would have thought that buying property would be a lot of work?), but here are things that I have been thinking of:

Snowpiercer! I saw the movie this Thursday with friends. I feel like, after reading some of the reactions online, people either have really positive or really negative reactions to it.

I'll try to keep my own thoughts brief and spoiler-free. I think I fall into the 'positive' camp overall, but that's not without ambivalence and caveats. There's good acting, great art direction, and tiny bits of interesting and fun worldbuilding that is like crack to my brain. But overall, it's heavily metaphorical in ways that highlight the weakness and inconsistencies of the premise rather than papering over them and making them palatable. There's a dreamy fairy-tale quality to the whole thing that's at odds with its attempts at gritty honesty.

Overall, I think the best thing I can say about it is that I would like us to have more movies that are like this. Movies that are ambitious and wild with their ideas and unafraid to push them to their limits, even if they do fall down a little at the end.

There's this game article that I read a while back, Games, Noir, and the 17%, that has stuck with me. Not because it's about this particular game (L.A. Noire) but because how it addresses the way women have disappeared from our media and how we have become accustomed to being disappeared, not just from the foreground, from the leading roles, but from the background as well.

Er, I don't feel like I'm explaining this very well. Just go read it.

World Cup final tonight! I am less excited about the game itself and more excited about my super swanky cream soda, chocolate-covered peanut-butter-stuffed pretzels, and the homemade meatballs my friend promised to make for me. Nomnomnom. The only that could make this better is chicken wings.

Also, how much do I love that the US team is known as the USMNT? SO MUCH.

I have spent a lot of my free time video gaming. XCOM is like crack. Oh look, aliens! Oh look, aliens go boom! Watch me as I cackle as my sniper headshots a fun-loving muton IN THE FACE. Watch me curse as my assault trooper misses hitting a stupid drone thing with its shotgun! So much tasty turn-based wackiness.

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