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odds and ends

I have a lot of thoughts on (Glee) fandom's latest wank powderkeg, but I'd probably just end up sounding like a jackass, so I won't say anything. I kind of want to go dig up the OTW wank of yore. It would have nostalgia as a factor, at least.

Closing is this Wednesday. Ahahahaha. I am pretty sure I'm not ready to be a homeowner yet. The past few months have been a lie. I also have this last-minute project thing that landed on my plate at work that I'm trying to deal with.

But I also have cannoli! Which are so delicious and I want to eat it all the time except that I would probably feel sick afterwards. Worth it? Probably worth it.

I have been poking away at this Bucky/Natasha story since pretty much April annnnd it's still nowhere near done. Mostly because when I say 'poke' I mean, 'write two new words every two weeks.' But I think I am going to focus on getting through it so that it won't be 5k of words burning a hole in my hard drive. I don't particularly like it yet. It feels like I'm getting sidetracked into writing about the wrong things. I'm doing my best to remind myself that it's a first draft and that first drafts are about producing something lumpy and awkward that can be made better, but it can be hard.

Pretty much going on Shadowrun Returns project hiatus. I think I have hit somewhere close to the upper limit on the amount of joy I'm going to get out of making it. With a project like this, where the amount of work (high) is disproportional to the amount anyone else will care (low), I think I just need to let my own enjoyment dictate how much time and effort I will put into it. In the past I've worked through that point to the other side, because that is how things get done, but it never turns out the way I hope. So. I have enough on my plate right now. I don't need to pile more things on top of it. ETA: It's also kind of terrible right now, and the amount of thinking and work it would take to fix it is way too high right now.

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