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I'm glad the story about Anita Sarkeesian's harassment is making the rounds, but I have to say that it's only the tip of a very, very large Shitty Video Game People Iceberg that has been ongoing for weeks now.

I haven't really posted about it, because for the most part it's just been horrifying in the 'I can't look away' sort of thing. There's a pretty lengthy post up on Badass Digest that covers more of the angles, and ironically enough, was written up before the death threats towards Sarkeesian were made.

A lot of gamers have been pulling the #NotAllGamers and the 'this thing happens to everyone famous!' bullshit. I've been in a lot of internet communities over the years, and I've seen them blow up in all sorts of interesting ways, but gamers are by far the most horrifying I've seen of all of them.

It's not all hopeless, of course. A lot of prominent video game developers have acknowledged Sarkeesian's criticism as a clear call to action to do better. Women are consuming more video games every year. The lines are being drawn in the sand, and I think most people know which side they'd rather be on.

In some ways, this whole thing does remind me of RaceFail, a necessary bit of throwing down to clear the path for people to think better, write better, create better. Leigh Alexander, one of the better-known female video game journalists, wrote a marvelous piece about the end of 'gamers'.

We can only hope.

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