thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

One week until move! I am not packing as quickly as I should be, sigh, but I did take all of next week off so that I could focus on getting packed, moved, and unpacked. It's a little weird. I've lived here for four years, and I've loved it, but I don't feel a whole lot of sadness right now (or maybe it's a 'not yet'). It's probably because I'm still in the same city, and I've already started paying down my mortgage (first payment made today, eep), but it doesn't feel like this huge change.

I have completed an editing pass on the Bucky/Natasha, and I think I'll need to do a couple more. It still feels lumpy, and I didn't know how to fix it this time around. Sigh. I guess some of my dissatisfaction with this story is that to some degree, it feels like a story I've written before, the story I write over and over again. On some levels it's comforting, to be writing this story, but I hate the thought that I'm trapped by it, and I don't have anything new and interesting to write. But maybe it just feels familiar because all stories have similar shapes, and this one is just shaped more like other stories I have written.

Welp, tomorrow they're dropping standalone Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall on us, hopefully along with the importer from the old Shadowrun Returns engine into it. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to 'finish' that project, but I think I'd like to at least mess around with it some more. It'll give me a chance to avoid being a responsible adult for a little while.

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