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Okay, I know there are maybe like two of you who enjoy my posts about video games, but I just really wanted to rec this whole series of columns about sex in video games: S.EXE.

It explores everything from freeware text adventures to AAA games that are ostensibly about driving. The latest column about Gone Home is so lovely, so starkly personal, and so wonderfully about what it's like to grow up female and have to learn to become comfortable with your own female-ness.

Here, have a quote:
I don’t think I’d ever seen a bottle of nail polish in a video game until Gone Home. I stared at it for a good five minutes when I saw it, wondering about all the open world environments I’d traversed, all the fancy worlds, all the adventure games I’d played where the elements of being a woman were strangely absent in the environment. I had the same experience looking at a discarded bra on the floor of a woman’s bedroom in Dishonored. I looked at that discarded bra shocked, and thought, yes. I’d leave my bra on the floor if I lived in this room. Someone who has seen this happen before made this game.

It is almost as if women are not invisible. They might be leaving a trail of their existence.

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