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Yuletide Writer Letter

Hi Yuletide Writer!

Thanks so much for writing this fic for me! I am sure I will enjoy anything you come up with, so thank you so much!

Here's some of my general likes/dislikes: I like happy feelings and sad feelings and silly feelings and angry feelings and everything in between. Happy endings are not required. The things that I really dig are characterization and worldbuilding, and I think pretty much all of my requests have tons of interesting nooks and crannies to explore along those lines. Not into character bashing, not even for the gigantic assholes who probably deserve it. I'm pretty open to shipping or not shipping depending on how you feel about it. I've tried to leave things as gen as possible with the option for things to become more shippy or romantic if you do so desire. Or hell, feel free to go in a more gennish direction if that's more interesting to you.

Here's my prompts copy/pasted from the sign-up.

Broken Age (maybe spoilers for the first half of the game?): I know we don't have the second half of this game yet, and we might not get it before the Yuletide deadline, but I'd love to see Shay and Vella in the aftermath of the game's events. Feel free to come up with whatever sort of ending you'd like to see, happy or sad or anywhere in between. Maybe the two of them spending time with Vella's family in Sugar Bunting? Maybe Shay cleans up the ship with Alex while Vella brings the rest of the maidens home? Maybe things twenty years into the future so we can see how their lives and worlds have changed now that they're adults? Any of these ideas would please me.

Saga: I'd love something pre-series about their relationship. We get to see it in the beginning, when they first meet, and we get to see them after their relationship has started, but we don't get to see a lot of the evolution of their feelings for each other, and I'd love to see something that takes place during that time period.

Gotham Central So I left this blank for particular characters because I'm most interested in an ensemble piece of some sort. Feel free to only use your favorite characters out of the main cast!

Anyway, I'd really love a day in the life of the MCU. One of my favorite things about the series is how lived-in and real the details feel, all the tiny bits of worldbuilding they throw at us: from the proper procedure for turning on the bat signal to the board tracking the number of open cases. You can go a whole bunch of directions here (hopefully). It can be a busy day with a lot of movement on a lot of different cases and maybe a big new case involving the Joker comes in. It can be a slow day where everyone sits around doing their paperwork and joshing each other. Either of these or anything in between would delight me!

How to Get Away with Murder: So Oliver isn't one of the characters listed, but I love to see how wild and strange things are from his POV. Level of shippiness with Connor is up to you! It's still pretty early in this season, so Oliver's role in the whole scheme of things isn't very clear and can change a lot between now and when the Yuletide due date rolls around. Feel free to deviate from canon if you get Jossed.

If you don't want to write Oliver, that's okay too! I get that the matching system probably spit this out willy-nilly. If you're into a more freeform prompt, I'd love to see how any number of the main characters feel about their work. What draws them to it? Why criminal defense law? What's been their favorite moment on the job? Tell me more about their particular backstories. I love backstories! IANAL, so you don't have to wow me with detailed research. I'm here for feelings, not torts.

Anyway, have fun! I hope you enjoy writing this as much as I'm sure I'm going to enjoy receiving it!

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