thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

December Posting Meme

You've all peer pressured me into it! (Okay, and I'm secretly jealous of all the cool topics you are all writing posts about.)

Give me a topic, and I'll try to write about it!

So some possible topics of discussion:

1) Video games! More thoughts on GamerGate. Video games I'm enjoying right now. Video games I have loved.
2) Fannish things! Fandoms in my past. Fandoms in my future. Characters and pairings that I have written. Fannish tropes I love and/or hate.
3) TV Shows/Movies! Both about specific movies I've seen and in the trends that I have observed.
4) Writing! How I write stuff. What I like and/or hate about how other people write stuff. The genesis of specific things I've written in the past.
5) Tech stuff! Being in this industry. Languages and/or frameworks. This is a big broad topic, feel free to go wild with it.
6) Food! I love food. I love talking about food.
6) Anything else you can think of!

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