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December Posting Meme: fandom in my future!

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It is probably super obvious now, but I think I have fallen head-over-heels in love with How to Get Away with Murder. It's a weird kind of alchemy that gets me into a fandom, but I feel like in the days of Youtube and Tumblr and canonically queer couples, it's so much easier to juice fannish feelings with just a GIF of a smile or pained longing look.

And, I have to say, Connor and Oliver hit all my fannish buttons. Assholes being assholes, but with squishy, hurty underbellies! Tech nerds talking tech nerdy things! Did I mention the pining already? And not in the sad-tech-nerd pining after the cool-hot-guy but in the cool-hot-guy being incapable of dealing with how much he is pining after the tech-nerd-guy-who-won't-take-his-shit? And that the Asian guy gets to be nerdy and sexual and sexually desirable at the same time?

We're only at the mid-season finale, so there's a lot of different directions they can go in with canon, but I'm content to play around in the sandbox for now. I don't even mind all the schmoopy romantic fic, even though I would, as always, much rather see fic where their relationship is portrayed with half of the complexity of the show. And their relationship on the show is not all that complex (yet). It's still early for fandom to start churning out the long epics, but it might happen! I can hope!

If any of this pairing sounds interesting to you, dear reader, I already posted a playlist of all the Connor/Oliver scenes, but I figure I might as well post it again.

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