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December Posting Meme: All the Star Trek Feelings

for [personal profile] larissabernstein

The funny thing about my Trek feelings is that they're something that comes to me in bursts, depending on what I'm into and what I've just watched. The Trek universe is so large and so sprawling that tiny bits at a time is all I can seem to manage. Star Wars got me at the right time as a kid, and Trek was too odd and too cerebral for my tiny brain in comparison. But I've kept trying. And bit by bit, things have stuck with me.

So here's list of embarrassing things I can admit about the Treks that I've loved:

- That time I picked up Imzadi at the local K-Mart on a whim, and it was basically all the terrible longfic shippy fanfic feelings before I even knew what fanfic was. In retrospect, it's probably terrible, and I probably shouldn't be shipping Riker/Troi, but it was the first real introduction to Star Trek that stuck.

- Catching Voyager reruns and shipping Torres/Paris. This one, I did find fanfic for. There was this super long AU about Paris being an American soldier during WWII and Torres being a French rebel or something? It was based off a goofy holodeck adventure that was canon. I will probably be sad if I go look for it and I don't find it.

- When the rebooted Star Trek movie came out, I was all about Spock Prime feelings and his feelings for his Kirk, and it sparked a desire to go back and read and write TOS Kirk Spock fic. The purple prose in some of the older stuff is amazing. AMAZING. Also, Shatner/Nimoy RPF apparently was a thing I did. idek. My brain is pretty weird and difficult to make sense of, even to me.

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