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Why Can't Critics Talk About Fresh Off the Boat?
- I am excited as shit for this show now, because it's one of those things, where you grow up Asian-American, and growing up you have the choice between the Asian (as in, from Asia) characters or the white-or-black American characters, and neither of those fit quite right and there's this blank space for trying to define your experience. So this is great, even if it is about the 90s. It was extremely obvious during Linsanity that the media still didn't know how to talk about Asian-American people. This is another reminder.

Saving Zelda - Tevis Thompson, one of the more interesting game critics around, wrote a really long article about the Zelda series and how it has been broken for a long time. I don't agree with him entirely, but I appreciate his point of view.

Grim Fandango Remastered comes out next Tuesday! I'm super excited because it's been propped up as one of the greatest adventure games ever made, but it's been impossible to get hold of and extremely difficult to get running on modern machines. Plus, I know I like Tim Schafer's writing, because of Broken Age and Psychonauts.

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