thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Things I am kind of over right now

1. Moral panic over Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. Look, they're terrible. The relationships are abusive. The writing is awful. The ids it strokes are not your id. The fanbase is obsessive and weird. Fuck it, though. So are we. We're obsessive and weird. We care too much about problematic fandoms. We ship Snarry. We have the entire genre of dubcon and the entire genre of noncon. We freak out when LJ tries to take our porn away. We are swimming in problematic relationships that are considered romantic all the time (see: nearly any movie where the bland dude gets the hot girl for being 'nice', fandom's love of unhealthy codependency), but the only reason why these two things get so much hate is because they are super popular with women, and the things that women find id-pleasing are weird and bad, and the things dudes find id-pleasing are 'normal' and everywhere.

2. Shitting on the MBTA (*cough* and the fact that Charlie Baker is an asshole *cough*). Look, I just got out of a train car where I was packed like a sardine for at least three stops. I was late for a morning meeting yesterday because the platform for the red line was packed 8 people deep. I nearly vomited on a bus while I was trying to get into work. We're up shit creek without a paddle, and the MBTA is right there with us trying to keep its outdated infrastructure from collapsing in on itself after decades of neglect.

3. Assholes pretending like they know anything about game development. Software is hard. Game development is software plus an extra layer of complex artistry. People like to talk shit about how games wouldn't be late or overbudget if they were planned correctly. LOL.

4. This fic I'm trying to write. It's terrible, and it will always be terrible, which is why I should just abandon it and go back to playing video games until my 3DS runs out of battery. At least that way I'll be spared the anxiety of worrying if anyone actually wants to read this thing.

5. Snow. We're supposed to get another foot this Saturday-Sunday. *cue crylaughing*

6. Gamergate. Fuck Gamergate forever.

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