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Merrill, the evil bitch-monster from hell

There's this girl (Merrill) who sits at my table during lunch. She's so irritating and condescending. Today, she made a swipe against the movies. I decided instead of letting it pass by me to start a civil arguement about why the movies are good, why the changes are neccessary, etc. I was expecting the usual purist wank, which is perfectly reasonable and expected.

Instead, I got some crazy arguement about how much better Aragorn was in the books. Yes it's a valid point, but bringing up how he was practically cheating on Arwen by "flirting" with Eowyn isn't. Um, hello? That was in the books. Plus flirting isn't cheating. That was also her only issue. Faramir? Nope. Bombadil? Nope. Scouring of the Shire? Nope. Just some fangirl wank about how Aragorn is perfect in the books and how he's made out to be a horrible, weak, cheating bastard in the movies.

Er... get a life and realize that not everything in life is better the way you see it.
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