thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Just got back from MJ! 'Twas good, especially now that I've embraced my inner BOFQ. I might have a more detailed con report written up later, but for now I'm just relaxing and mentally preparing myself for work again tomorrow.

I guess the biggest sign that it worked is that I just pumped out something close to 2k of words today of this prompt fic (last one!) that has been kicking my ass all week. I am crossing my fingers that I can get through the first draft by the end of tonight, but that may be a futile goal.

Watched the end of Glee as well. I have decided that Glee is basically that drunk person hogging the mic at karaoke. Sloppy and not really coherent and kind of offensive, but every once in a while they manage to hit just the right note. Not entirely convinced that the last two eps overall managed to hit more than one note, but the final number tugged gently at my heartstrings.

Thanks for the good times, show. I'll do my best not to remember the bad.

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