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Furious 7. What can I actually say about these movies that other people haven't already said? They're everything all at once. They unabashedly embrace everything. Gigantic explosions, ridiculous car scenes, absurd human body tricks, portentous dialogue, full-throated emotion. I've started writing some fic. It's not going to be good, I don't think, but I guess I'm going through one of those weeks where I kind of have given up on writing for any other reason than to get the feelings out.

Somewhat tangentially related, I also watched Step Up All In today, which I feel like has embraced Fast and Furious's model of constantly trying to be bigger and better and accidentally, over the course of 5? 6? movies, creating a minor mythology for itself. It's a lot less ambitious in terms of storytelling than the Fast and Furious movies are, which is a bizarre thing to say, but it knows the joy of a simple story told right and the power of pure spectacle. Similar to how in the F&F franchise, everything can be solved by adding more cars to it, everything in the the Step Up series can be resolved by dancing more.

As fun as Step Up All In was, it was a pretty bog standard competition storyline, except even more thinly put together than usual to make room for extended dance sequences. I am still curious about Step Up: Revolution, in which they battle the evil forces of capitalism by dancing at it.

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