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My parents were in town this weekend, but I got to avoid all the awkward annoying stuff by having them go with me to an open house at a yoga studio. I'd never done a proper yoga class before, though I'd tried out a few online videoes from time to time but hadn't gotten off my ass to properly start doing it.

My body is, probably understandably, very ow right now. My mom got to indulge in her favorite hobby, which is buying me clothes. At least I have a chance of wearing them? And now I can be guilted into going to class and doing yoga now that I have outfits for it? Also, I think I am the only person in the world who doesn't see yoga pants as lounging-around-the-house-wear. I always feel like my thighs are getting strangled by them.

I am still meditating. Still working on it!

Fic work is continuing! I am now approaching 11k, and I am powering through my plot points. There are still a lot of plot points left. I have been mostly unproductive during the week and ridiculously productive on the weekends. I occasionally am convinced that I will never finish it, even though I'm past the halfway mark.

As part of fic 'research' ah-hem, I went and watched Cruel Intentions, which was kind of interesting.

Non-spoilery thoughts:
- There is a character named Blaine (who is canonically queer -- also a drug dealer) who interacts with a character named Sebastian and they both go to an expensive prep school, and now I am reading a fic where Blaine and Sebastian hook up. If you squint sideways, you can almost imagine that it's Glee fanfic instead.
- Speaking of which, the queerness in the movie is so odd. It exists in that weird in-between place, where queerness is acceptable enough to be shown in a trashy teen soap opera of a movie but still transgressive enough to be considered edgy and risqué.
- I wish Ryan Phillippe were a better actor, because his Sebastian always sounds so flat about everything. Also, he has a baby Justin Timberlake face, which makes it even harder to take him seriously.
- On the other hand, the ladies killed it, especially Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon.
- The race stuff in this movie is occasionally sharp, but mostly it's weird.
- The love story is hilariously truncated because they wanted to put a lot of time on Teenagers Behaving Badly. It is so difficult to find it convincing. SO DIFFICULT.

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