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Happy Things!

Boring writing update: Fic has now shot past 13k, and is reaching the point at which I don't know how things are going to happen. I have a general idea, I guess, but the specifics are a little more fuzzy. I think I might be getting close to the point at which I am willing to show it to other people, even though so much of it is terrible. I feel like I got most of my feelings out of it by now. Everything on top of this is gravy.

P.S. When did I turn into someone who writes stories longer than 10k? I had a brief stint there when I was in TSN fandom, and now this? Ugh, I should go back to writing 3k short fic.

Boring yoga update: I have done my second real class of yoga! My legs were shaking for half of it, and I'm going to be paying for this tomorrow, I can tell. One thing that I did this week that was a great idea was to go through a really basic Youtube yoga session every day. That's helped me out with getting comfortable and familiar with a lot of basic yoga poses, so that when I get to class, I at least know what half the poses are supposed to feel like. Plus, it's been a good add-on to my morning routine. I can plop right down into meditation afterwards. I'm going to be trying out some new videos this coming week to see what else I can do to prepare myself for my next class.

Less boring weekend update: [personal profile] bironic found out that gender-swapped radio performance of the TOS episode Space Seed was going to be happening this weekend, so we (along with the TOS-n00b [personal profile] unfinishedidea) all went together. It was seriously a delight from beginning to end. The flipping of the genders was done thoughtfully and well, which did a lot to highlight the weird, gross sexism of the original script. The casting was also seriously perfect all around. And they did some live foley! I love foley! The sound foley guy also sang the opening TOS theme, which set the (pretty small) audience off into joyful laughter. The energy in the room was great, even though the atmosphere of watching this show play out in a church was kind of hilarious in and of itself. I may love Star Wars just sliiiiightly more than I love Star Trek, but I will take the Trekkies over the bitter, rabid Star Wars fanboys any day of the week.

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