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Inside Out

I'm still kind of a blubbering mess over this movie, so bear with me.

So, I have to admit that I have a heart of stone and don't really cry over movies or TV. I didn't even cry over Up, okay? Sure, it was a super sad movie, and I felt sad while watching it, but I didn't cry.

This movie made me cry.

So I guess I will answer [personal profile] bironic's question about whether or not the movie did a good job for advocating for sadness as an emotion, and I would say that it's actually the central thesis of the movie. When the other emotions try to prevent sadness from getting a say in Riley's life, everything breaks down and the main plot begins.

What I also find interesting about the thesis is that it also feels like a statement of purpose from Pixar, that the reason their movies turn us into blubbering messes is because feeling sad, genuinely sad, is as important to us as feeling joy.

- I loved how well they manage to make Riley a real person. Obviously, they need to go outside of her head to establish stakes, but it would be easy to make her a plastic person, a robot driven by the chaotic personalities inside her, but the manifestations of her feelings and memories in the outside world are fluid and natural. And the importance of her personality is placed front-and-center.

- The world inside Riley's head is lovely, funny and rich and varied, but it lacks a certain spark, imo, that Pixar usually excels at. I'm trying to put my finger on exactly what it is, but it's hard to articulate. I think it's because the world feels more like a bunch of separate imaginative sections full of interesting things, but the integration of all those sections into a complete system doesn't quite work the way it does in say, Monsters, Inc. A little disappointing, but mostly from high expectations.

- The acting was great all around. They can afford all the actors they need, I'm sure, but all of them stepped up to the plate and were amazing.

- Going back to Riley, I love that they made her really into hockey and also boybands (kind of) and also, the default person of the movie. Everyone else's heads are variations on hers.

- There's a whole moment that they show in the trailer where it's like this kind of weird gross stereotype of the distracted, sports-loving dad who can't pay attention to anything. It's still gross in the movie, but for the most part, there's not too too much of that.

- Jokes about San Francisco hipsters are also hilarious.

- There's this one other joke that lands like gangbusters every time it comes up. It's so great.

- The short at the beginning is kind of boring and weird, but the song is nice enough.

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