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More Blah Blah Blahing About Exercise

Just after I wrote my last post, I managed to injure my left shoulder trying to do burpees. I think it was just a pull, because it hurt for a few days and then was fine. Still was obnoxious, though, especially trying to figure out routines to work around it. Ugh, burpees.

Besides that, I've kept up general workout things! Daily cardio has been pretty great so far. It's been really good at the beginning of the day, dragging me into wakefulness even when my body doesn't think it's ready for anything. I've settled into doing Zumba twice a week, but I might just drop that because I'm enjoying doing exercise from home more. I'll give it a few more weeks and see how I feel about it.

I bought a kettlebell because the internet agrees that strength training is great, and more women should do it. And I also like the idea of getting physically stronger? My arms have always been kind of puny, even when I was doing martial arts a lot, so this is new and exciting territory for me.

Yoga has been good. I've enjoyed switching it to the evenings. It's relaxing and centering when I'm still feeling a little tired and cranky after work. I'm doing it in the mornings on days that I have Zumba, and I think it's just a little too sedate in the morning to really force me awake and buzzing the way I really need right now. Classes are still great for Saturday mornings, and I'm definitely tempted to try one of the 6am morning classes.

I have also been tempted to get Zombies, Run! 5k (h/t to [personal profile] zulu) even though that involves getting earbuds, and also, involves running. My brain is warring between my love of video games and my hatred of running. It's still a little warm to start doing any sort of jogging outside these days, but it might be something to table until the fall, when hopefully I'll have a better sense of how my current workouts are feeling and how I can work it into my morning schedule.

I, um, get a little fixated sometimes when I try something new. Have you noticed?

I have also been working on some fic, and I'm like 88% sure it's never going to see the light of day, so I'm not sure why I'm so annoyed that I can't seem to finish it. Just slap a cheesy, shitty ending onto it, brain! It's not that difficult!

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